Why You Came

Maybe you came here because you saw a Safecount survey invite float across your screen and wondered why that happened? 

Maybe you want to make sure the basic info you provided in a survey is safe? 

Perhaps you want to give us a suggestion on how we can improve a survey invite design.   

Maybe you don't want to receive any more survey invites at all!  You can do that too, and a few other things including watch a couple of cool videos.  Just check out the links on the left. 

Just maybe you want to know, in 20 seconds or less, what the heck Safecount even is? 

Safecount performs online survey work to help big advertisers, like American Express, Toyota or Kraft for example, understand if their advertising is working.  We understand that sometimes taking a brief online survey is not what you want to do at that moment.  That's why we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building ways for you to gain control over your web  experience.  Consider us the "green" survey company and the hybrid car of digital data collection.