Live Web Data Collection

Advertiser Solutions

Is my advertising working?

Safecount empowers ALL companies...

with exclusive access to our technological suite of unique sampling tools. Safecount combines various multi-platform techniques and industry-tested technology such as Nodes and VERANDA™ to provide the most efficient and transparent sampling solutions to ALL companies. Safecount can effectively collect information across various websites and can optimize your analytical needs. Safecount reaches consumers by engaging them into our market research surveys and by empowering them to share their opinions.


Publisher Solutions

90% of major publishers are concerned with research study visibility and survey invite coordination.

"I saw an invite float across my computer screen and wondered how I can use that to get feedback about my web visitors"

Safecount empowers publishers...

with the ability to manage ALL intercept recruitment initiatives in a non-partisan way.

Our Tools

Download the PDF for Veranda informationVeranda– Safecount’s data collection platform that enables sites to run all web intercept recruitment through one system.

Node – A system where a publisher assigns permanent Safecount research tags (Nodes) across its site to enable web intercept survey invitations. Node fuels survey respondents that are managed by the Veranda platform.

Download the PDFSafeGuard– a mechanism built for publishers to enable a universal frequency cap of survey invites across all research vendors.