In-Call Media can raise Brand Awareness & Purchase Intent.

As more marketers begin to leverage mobile display advertising (e.g., WAP display, mobile applications or SMS) as part of their media mix, new research suggests that audio ads deliver branding impact that marketers should take note of. Dynamic Logic, Safecount and VoodooVox have teamed up on a new study to explore the branding effects of In-Call Media, the insertion of audio ads directly into the call stream of a targeted consumer. According to their research, In-Call Media can have a strong influence on both brand awareness and intent.

In the study, Dynamic Logic measured the branding impact of an In-Call Media promotional campaign for redbox <> , a subsidiary of Coinstar, Inc. and provider of fully automated kiosks featuring $1 per night new release DVDs. Results demonstrate that exposure to the redbox messages increased Aided Brand Awareness by over 9 percentage points among overall respondents - a significant increase for the brand and higher than typically seen with Dynamic Logic's mobile display norms. Furthermore, among respondents whom occasionally rent DVDs, the campaign increased those saying they were very likely to rent from a redbox kiosk by almost 11 percentage points (10.7%).

"Dynamic Logic has always put a strong focus on digital innovation and marketing insight; therefore, we're continuously working with clients to measure their newest mobile and new media marketing efforts," says Ali Rana, vice president, digital strategy at Dynamic Logic. "As demonstrated by these results, In-Call Media can provide an opportunity for marketers to explicitly communicate brand propositions to an engaged audience while in a relevant mindset."

The campaign was executed through VoodooVox, whose In-Call Advertising Network serves upwards of 100 million ads a month across dozens of call sources. In the campaign, callers who were on hold for a popular toll-free movie ticket line heard a variety of 10-second messages about redbox in an effort to build awareness and encourage trial of their movie kiosks. Interested callers could engage further to hear more or get a text message coupon.

"In-Call Media provides brands a targeted way to reach and engage consumers. On ad-sponsored services like movie ticket lines and dozens of other call publishers, advertisers continue to reap the benefits of the In-Call Media. It's simply a highly effective way to engage the mobile consumer" said Gregory Wester, COO of VoodooVox.

Safecount, who led recruitment and data collection, used VoodooVox's In-Call Media technology to survey callers. Callers who opted-in received an SMS text message with instructions to access the telephone survey. VoodooVox's technology identified which survey respondents had been exposed to the audio ads, and Dynamic Logic's control-exposed research methodology was used to determine the overall impact on respondents who heard the redbox advertising.

Other findings from the study:

Awareness of the redbox brand significantly increased after just one exposure to the advertising - it takes the average online campaign ten or more exposures to generate a similar increase, according to Dynamic Logic's MarketNorms.*

Direct communication of brand attributes in the audio ads, combined with multiple ad exposures, led to significant increases in respondents' agreement that redbox is "the easiest way to rent a movie" and "the best value" among DVD renters.

Among "Frequent DVD Renters," Aided Brand Awareness increased 11.9%.

The redbox campaign was targeted to mobile phone users and ran throughout the month of December 2008, delivering 900,000 audio ad impressions during this time.

* NOTE: While the same control/exposed methodology is utilized, online MarketNorms is comprised of data collected via online interviews; therefore, different surveying techniques may play a role in differences when comparing to the redbox campaign.
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