In-Call Media Raises Brand Awareness

This is pretty interesting, and compliments findings we at ChaCha have found as well: Dynamic Logic, Safecount and VoodooVox teamed up on a study that found that In-Call Media (i.e. targeted audio advertising while on the phone) significantly raises brand awareness and intent. Dynamic Logic measured the impact of ads for Redbox movie rental kiosks provided by VoodooVox to callers who were on hold for a popular movie ticket line. After hearing one of several 10-second ads, aided awareness of Redbox increased 9% and amongst respondents that occasionally rent movies, intent went up 10.7%.

ChaCha,s SMS ads experienced similar well-above-average results through a campaign for Transformers 2 a week before it premiered. Our unaided awareness jumped a staggering 27% as a result of the ads and our consumer intent increased 10%. To read more about this campaign,s performance, click here.

What do these two things have in common? Well beyond the fact that they,re both phone-based and, thus, intrinsically more intimate. The Redbox ads served to the right people (movie goers) in the right way (receptively waiting). Our Transformers 2 ads reached our highly-engaged youth demographic, who uses our service with the deliberate intent of absorbing content. You,re seeing similar trends in places like Hulu and some gas-pumps- they,re sympathetic to the fact you don,t want ads, but they,re going to (need to) serve them anyway. I, for one, am happy to at least be acknowledged in this capacity.

I'll be interested to see how future campaigns by VoodooVox perform. The last time I remember being on hold (because that's something I don't suffer well) was with my bank over six months ago. How often are you on hold these days? Given the online and text-based alternatives, do you find you pick up the phone that often?

Read the Dynamic Logic press release.

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