AdKeeper & Safecount Partner, Bringing Turnkey Keepability to Billions of Ad Impressions

Press Release: AdKeeper – Tue, Nov 15, 2011 10:16 AM EST

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire -11/15/11)- AdKeeper™, the service that puts consumers in control of their Internet experience by enabling them to save -- or Keep -- ads of interest for engagement on their own time, has partnered with Safecount, a leading online data collection company, part of Kantar, insights/analytics wing of WPP. The partnership allows for turnkey implementation of the AdKeeper KeepButton™ technology into Safecount-enabled campaigns. Now brands and their agencies can "Keep-enable" their campaigns with no effort or change to their normal workflow.
The partnership was formed to minimize effort for media agencies that have embraced AdKeeper's KeepButton as a way to increase the value of display campaigns by allowing consumers to archive the campaigns or ads they'd like to view at a later time. Simplifying the often complex and time-consuming digital tagging process is a challenge that has given rise to a number of VC-backed tag container groups. These new companies have focused on page tags, used to capture website analytics or conversion metrics. Tagging at the ad level (ad tagging) is a different and complex process, which Safecount has been working to simplify since 2006. The AdKeeper and Safecount partnership brings both the benefit of time-shifted advertising and operational simplicity to advertisers.
"Advertisers and agencies we've met with think the AdKeeper concept is a no-brainer -- they see immediate value and an impressive CTR on 'KeptAds,'" said MaryAnn Bekkedahl, AdKeeper President. "However, as digital advertising has grown more complex, with its many opportunities for marketers, there are increased workflow requirements on operations groups to manage multiple technology vendors for each campaign."
Charles Myslinsky, Head of Business Development at AdKeeper, believes that working with Safecount will greatly extend the addressable market for AdKeeper's KeepButton: "We're excited to bring our consumer-first advertising solution -- Keepability -- to an even larger scale of visibility across the web. This partnership puts AdKeeper and Safecount at the forefront of those looking to ease friction in the ad operations process."
"Ad operations groups at media agencies are often under-resourced and over-tasked with complex, new technologies," added Tom Kelly, head of Kantar-backed digital data collection group Safecount. "With the Safecount ad tag container, now they only have to give permission once for multiple tags, and they'll save precious time previously spent on manual additional ad tagging."
Supporting one billion ad impressions per day, Safecount is the leader in ad tracking, typically supporting research and analytics efforts for large brands across more than 25 insights partners.

About AdKeeper
AdKeeper is an online service that is free for consumers and enables them to engage with Internet advertising on their own time and terms, while improving their overall content experience. Scott Kurnit, one of the nation's most successful media entrepreneurs and the founder of About, Inc., brought AdKeeper into beta in February 2011. AdKeeper is backed by over $40 million in venture funding from Oak Investment Partners, DCM, True Ventures, Spark Capital and First Round Capital. The company is based in New York City. For more information, visit

About Safecount
Safecount, a Kantar company, powers more digital research than any other company. Tracking one billion ads per day and gathering five million live web survey respondents per year, Safecount works with every major digital agency and publisher. Deep ad server integration enables a Universal Tag process of tracking hundreds or thousands of assets with only one tag. For more information and to view your own data, visit

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