Why Pop-Ups Exist

Most pop-ups you see are paid advertisements.  It's advertising that allows us to visit many of our favorite websites without having to pay any money.  Still, some people don't like pop-up ads.  That's one reason that pop-up blockers were invented. 

However, sometimes you might see other ad units float across your page that aren't really ads - but rather invitations to take a survey.  Some of these invitations have a Safecount logo on them.  Your responses to these surveys help the advertiser learn if you like their ads, or if they mean anything to you.  This is another important piece of keeping the internet free and, with Safecount, your data is always safe. 

Most consumers are able to accept the fact that some advertising AND some research will exist, as long as they can maintain some level of control and choice.  Safecount makes sure that research is done while at the same time providing you, the web visitor, with a great amount of control and choice over your experience.